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Hej, I’m Samuel Salzer

I'm an experienced behavioral designer helping value-driven organizations build great digital products and services applying behavioral science.  

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What i do 🚀

Behavior Change for Good

Changing behavior is hard. Generating engagement, increasing adherence, improving retention, maintaining growth — online or offline, it doesn’t matter. It’s hard. The good news? Behavioral Design makes it easier.

That is what I do — I am a Behavioral Strategist specializing in helping organizations apply insights from Behavioral Science and Behavioral Economics to fuel habit formation and digital behavior change. I want to make the world a better place, one good habit at a time. To that end, I advise value-driven organizations make their products and services better using the latest Behavioral Design tools and insights.

Let's work together 🤝

Advising & Consulting

I love to help innovative companies to leverage the latest insights and tools from behavioral design. With many years of experience across startups to enterprise to the public sector, I've helped solve problems relating to smoking cessation, user retention, weight management, program adoption, productivity, financial saving, relationship well-being, and more.

It's safe to say that I'm used to supporting teams applying behavioral science across all stages of product management, business strategy, and design. If you're working on a problem related to habit formation or behavior change, there's a good chance that I could be of help.

I've limited my consulting work but provide advisory and tactical services to 3 companies per year. If you'd like to be one, get in touch.

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public speaking 🎤

Speaking Events & Workshops

Provide many years of experience in public speaking and managing 100+ workshops on the topics of behavioral design, nudging, habit formation, and digital behavior change.

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  • Habit Forming Tech
  • Driving Engagement
Book for speaking
the Book 📚

Nudging in Practice

Based on the latest practical and theoretical insights from applied behavioral science, Nudging in Practice helps organizations to design the most effective nudge and behavior change intervention.

Co-authored this book together with the amazing Ida Lemoine, Linda Lindström, and Kajsa Lindström while working at Beteendelabbet, Sweden's first behavioral agency.

*Book currently only available in Swedish 🇸🇪

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Upcoming Book 📚

The Power of Reward Loops

New book currently in the works. 
More information soon.

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A gift for you 🎁

Interactive Case Study

Since you've made it this far down the landing page, you deserve a reward. Here you go, free access to one of my fun and interactive Behavioral Design case studies.

This case study applies the EAST framework to understand how Lemonade has built their world-class onboarding experience.

📱 If on mobile, turn phone to landscape view for best experience.

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